Upcoming Events


Group Discussion: The Clergy and The Church of England in Jane Austen's Time

What:  Jane Austen’s father and a number of her characters were members of the clergy. But
what does that mean in Regency England? What do we know about Henry Tilney’s profession? Group participation is not mandatory but we would love it if everyone had something to contribute to the discussion.

Where: The Beerhouse, 4810 NW 86th Street, Urbandale, IA

When: Sunday, February 17th at 3:30pm

Women's Needlecraft In Jane Austen's Time

What: JASNA Iowa members Sandi Moran and Penny Rittgers will present a program on needlecraft, quilting and fabrics of the era. We’ll see if they have as much knowledge of muslin as Henry Tilney.

Where: Urbandale Public Library, 3520 86th Street, Urbandale, IA

When: Sunday, March 24th at 1:30pm